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Application Security Training

Education and Training

Software security is primarily an education problem. Colleges and universities do not teach developers how to write secure code. There are a few academic institutions adding this to their curriculums, but it typically only at the Master's level. Development books are also guilty. Many of them contain code examples with security vulnerabilities included. This leaves educating developers on software security up to development organizations. Unless your developers have received this training at a previous job, they have not been trained on software security. Catching software security vulnerabilities before they leave development is the cheapest and most effective method. To tackle the education problem, Radix Security provides:

  • Instructor Led or Virtual Secure Code Training - We can provide training for managers, architects, testers, security teams, and developers.
  • Software Security Curriculum Development - For larger organizations, we can help develop education programs that can be administered by your organizations to all development teams.
  • CBT Development - Everyone learns differently. Many people prefer self-paced learning, so Computer Based Training (CBT) can be very effective. We can help develop CBTs that can be used by your developers as needed.